Gas systems, controls and audits

We specialize in inspections and audits of facilities and products for the use of hazardous substances. We are also among the market leaders in gas installations.

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Expertise with long experience

We have considerable expertise and experience within our business area. We deliver:

  • Complete propane gas systems
  • Accredited final inspection and condition monitoring of facilities for the use of hazardous substances
  • Audit of all types of LPG tanks from 450 liters to 2525mᵌ
  • Service and maintenance of gas systems for businesses and private individuals

Approved gas company

We are an approved gas company, which allows us to perform independent final inspection and systematic condition monitoring of facilities that represent a potentially high risk.

Achilles sertifikat

We have met the necessary requirements and are now an approved supplier for the specific services listed in the Achilles Nordics & Central Europe Pre-Qualification System.

Our Services

Accredited controls

RSM Gas Services is an accredited inspection body that performs final inspection and systematic condition monitoring of new and old category 1 and 2 installations.

Gas systems

RSM Gas Services has been installing propane gas systems since 1989 and is among the foremost in the market. The gas systems are projected and documented in accordance with current regulations.


RSM Gas Services performs audits of all types of LPG tanks from 450 liters to 2525mᵌ and operates nationwide. 



Service and maintenance

RSM Gas Services performs service and maintenance on gas systems for companies and private individuals.


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