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We are among the marked leaders on gas facilities in Norway

RSM have delivered propane gas facilities since 1989, are among market leaders in Norway. We deliver complete gas systems including gas tank, piping, vaporizer to the gas burner.


Our experienced and certified gas technicians in a large academic environment, provides security for good quality.


RSM has factorship in vaporizer pressure control stations from TAG and ceramic radiant heating panels from SBM international.

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Accredited final inspection and quality monitoring of equipment for the use of hazardous substances

RSM Gas Services is an accredited inspection body which performs final controls and regular quality control of new and old gas installations / systems category 1 and 2.

RSM Gas Services are specialists in control of LPG equipment and facilities. Annually we perform a large number of control assignments on industrial and residential gas installations / systems in Norway.

We are accredited as certified inspection body type C according to EN 17020, which means that we are authorized to perform independent final inspection and regular quality control of gas installations and systems that represent a potential high risk.

RSM Gas Services range of approval are described in the applicable accreditation certificate issued by Norwegian Accreditation.

Requirements for use of an independent accredited body for final inspection and regular inspections of this type of facilities and equipment, applies to both new and used installations, and this can be found in: Regulations concerning the handling of flammable, reactive and pressurized substances as well as equipment and facilities used in the handling.

Tank Revision

RSM Gas Services performs inspections and requalification of all types of LPG pressure vessels from 450 liters to 2525mᵌ and operate throughout the country.


For smaller vessels RSM Gas Services has 2 gas service trailers with pressure vessel and compressor to drain the inspected vessel.

When customers are in need of gas supply while the inspected vessel is requalified, the gas vessel on the trailer is connected and the inspected vessel is pressurized. Capacity of the trailer is approximately 2,000 liters.


EN 12817 LPG equipment and accessories. Inspection and requalification of LPG tanks up to and including 13mᵌ


EN 12819 LPG equipment and accessories. Inspection and requalification of LPG tanks greater than 13mᵌ

The standards devides  the inspections into 3 categories:


  • Regular inspection – general inspection of the vessel and corrosion protection system if applicable.
  • Periodical inspection – as regular inspection, but with a wider scope (e.g. exchange of safety valve)
  • Requalification – as periodical inspection with addition of complete pressure testing and / or internal inspection.


All inspections are documented with a report, and the report is included in the vessel documentation (Revision book).

Service and maintenance

We perform service and maintenance on gas installations and systems for businesses and individual households.

Please contact us for lifetime extending maintenance agreements or need of immediate service.